Hi everybody..

I was born in September,1993 in Istanbul. I went to primary school at Cekmekoy Camlik bioIlkogretim Okulu. In 2007,  i study at Kuleli Military High School for a year. Then Isiklar Military Air Force High School was founded in Bursa for air force cadets. Since i was one of them, i also study in Isiklar for 3 years. Within this period, i had the opportunity to recognize Bursa. These years were the most interesting -and also hard- years of my life. I got the chance to fly with T-41 training aircraft and puchacz-model glider. That was fantastic.

In 2011 i was graduated from military high school. After a one-year preparation, i entered Maltepe University. Now, i am a second class Computer Engineering student there. I enjoy writing code. Since that, i decided to make a career on software development. I am good at c / c++ yet. But also i’m interested in assambler, c#, java and qT as a beginner developer.  I always try to learn somethings about programing.

I still live in Cekmekoy, Istanbul with my family. I have two brothers that are 12 and 9 years old. I have a relation also.

__ İlker Yavuz


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